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This geographic split in presenting the research on Italian nobility is justified by the divergent ways in which the noble families evolved in these two areas during the early medieval period, explained in part by the different outside influences to which each area was subject.

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The growing power of the Popes is demonstrated by the papal appointment of Hildebrand as duke of Spoleto in the early 770s, which ended a long line of Lombard appointments.

When the Frankish kings assumed control over the northern Italian kingdom, the nobles who accompanied them established themselves as a powerful new element in the Italian aristocracy whose influence was to outlive the rule of their royal masters.

One might wonder how a city roughly the size of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, could be playing such a huge role on the world shooting stage — one might, of course, if one had not spoken at length with the excited and knowledgeable Leonardo.

The Brescia Region, including legendary Gardone Val Trompia, is a hot bed of firearms manufacturing.

The first notable change of administration was in the duchy of Spoleto, where Charles I King of the Franks (later known as Emperor Charlemagne) installed the Frankish duke Winichis to replace the papal appointee.

Spoleto was later ruled by a succession of dukes of Frankish descent: the families of Suppo Count of Parma, Lambert who had previously been count in the Breton march in north-western France, and finally by the descendants of the Frankish count Hucbald.

Head spinning from the hundreds of booths at EXA — with firearms ranging from 0,000 (Cdn) set of Perazzi Extra Gold shotguns to familiar brands like Browning — and tens of thousands of happy hunters who descend on this city to gaze and dream, I come to the realization I need to see more of this firearm industry.

Thankfully, I’m able to meet with Jarno Antonelli, from Beretta’s marketing department, and arrange a tour of the legendary Beretta plant in nearby Gardone Val Trompia.

A little work, a little play and a lot of reasons to come back.

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