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The old age pension is therefore relatively small but even this puts a great strain on the economy, pushing the state to borrow money at high costs.

The Soviet clichés imposed on every age group had a person's life neatly divided into distinct "age bands", each with its own duties.

In the early 1990s people were eager to put their newly acquired wealth into large suburban homes and expensive cars, but with time this trend diminished, although a constant and stable group of Lithuania's rich "elite" publicises their endevours in socialite magazines.

Relative lack of labour-intensive industries means that there are quite few industrial workers in Lithuania.

Therefore some intellectuals, while deeply critical of the Soviet totalitarism, believe that the current system is treating them unfairly.

However, it may be so that a significant part of this group has failed to adapt, with (for example) universities still choosing which research projects to undertake based on personal relations with the scientists, which impedes the will of private companies to fund these projects.

For example, playing board games, watching animation and drinking refreshing drinks had been only acceptable to children, only adults were allowed to eat at restaurants, while the pensioners were expected to stay at home (garden) and help rear grandchildren.

Many watched with disbelief as president Valdas Adamkus (a Lithuanian-American) drank Coca Cola in the 1990s - "is he still a child? This mindset still limits retired people's lifestyle.

For example, unlike in the West, it is uncommon for old Lithuanians to travel abroad as many consider themselves to be too old and unhealthy for this.

Perhaps due to lack of safety during their lifetimes most retirees are saving a large share of their incomes (in their home rather than in the mistrusted banks).

In the Lithuanian society class divisions are low-key.


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