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Couples who are currently in a civil partnership will not be able to have a marriage ceremony at this stage.

You need a visa to come to the UK to give notice, get married or enter a civil partnership if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, and subject to immigration control.

If the appointment is not cancelled 7 days in advance the fee you have paid will not be refundable.

If you are a British citizen or a member of the European Union (EU), you must give the notice in the local authority where you have lived for at least the last 7 days.

From 2 March 2015 you’ll have to give 29 days notice.

The Home Office will be able to increase the notice to up to 70 days if they think your marriage isn’t genuine.

The programme supports participants to better understand their experience, based on the theory that with increased knowledge the better equipped participants are to deal with the impact of it and therefore their own recovery and well-being. It was thought provoking, inspirational and interactive.

It was also so easy to learn I loved it.” “Attend it’s worth it!Bookings cannot be taken by proxy, appointments can only be booked directly by one of the partners to marriage or civil partnership.If you need to cancel your appointment, this must be done 7 days before the notice appointment.You can arrange for your marriage or civil partnership to take place in any Register Office or Approved Venue in England and Wales. Couples subject to immigration control could have their notice period extended to 70 days if they are to be referred to the Immigration Enforcement Team.A complete list of venues in England and Wales is available on GOV. You are therefore advised not to plan your marriage date until the 70 days have expired.Based on the established Adult Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit this programme is delivered over 12 weeks.


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