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Before you dive into this list, it should be noted that some very popular apps are not included such as Gmail and Google Maps.

We have purposefully not included Google apps in this list.

Trello is a project management tool that’ll let you and your team organize and communicate ideas, tasks and information in an easy and meaningful way.

Skype is available on nearly every platform, and it just works. [Download Skype] There are few quality non-Gmail email apps in the Play Store. Blue Mail is a beautifully designed, universal email client, capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts.

You can set up smart push notifications while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts.

Square even took it upon themselves to introduce a card swipe tool with NFC embedded, so you can accept payments from those who use Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

[Download Square] Here’s a business app that’s so good even Phandroid has to use it every second of every day.

[Download Trello] At the most basic level, phones were created for communication.

Many things have changed about phones over the years, but communication is still one of the most important things they do. There are dozens of great apps for group messaging in the Play Store.

Microsoft made a strong commitment to Microsoft Office users: they were going to make apps worthy of your monthly dollars no matter what platform you use.

In our opinion, they’ve delivered and own the best catalog of office apps on Android.

These range from ad-blockers to user agent switchers.

Firefox is a fast browser filled with tons of handy tools.

[Download Firefox] Mobile devices are excellent for educational purposes.

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