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We also have a lot more features that we are working on, surrounding location-based social media. Sure sex might be a part of it, but sex is a part of life, and our hope is that users will embrace the social aspect of the application, and use it as a way to meet more people, make new friends, and socialize.

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SOBER: I don’t think that there is one general point of time where everyone is ready to start dating, I think it’s a personal matter and that each individual needs to establish when they might be ready to start dating again.

This is the aspect of Tinder that we’ve chosen to embrace, and extend our application to achieve.

By adding “friends” as a feature to our app, instead of users only “liking” or “passing” each other, they have the option to also “friend” someone.

I do see the importance in seeking help and advice from someone else, whether it be a good friend, sponsor, or therapist, as many of us in early sobriety are still learning to make healthy decisions.

SOBER: Healthy dating in recovery, should look like healthy dating in general.

As someone who is sober himself, 21-year-old Founder and CEO Antoine Nauleau has recently developed and launched an app targeting anyone living a sober life called “Sober“.

Today, we talk with him about healthy dating, and what it looks like.

SOBER: I wouldn’t say that people in recovery are necessarily “lacking” anything towards dating, but something that I’ve experienced myself and seen others struggle with is dependence to love and co-dependence of each other.


  1. We know youll be pleasantly surprised by who you meet at our events and remember everyone is there for the same reason; to meet new people, expand their social circles and hopefully (fingers crossed) meet someone special.

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  3. It doesn’t mean you have “daddy issues” or whatever; that phrase doesn’t actually mean anything, because it can be applied (or, preferably, not) to every person on the planet.

  4. We find, test and review all the chat sites ever created.

  5. Otherwise, you're correct about the remaining hallmarks.

  6. More than 80 percent of singles worldwide are using online dating as a method of finding their perfect partners .

  7. They find their maturity, independence and experience very appealing.

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