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From several public break-ups to a short-lived relationship, James’s romantic life is less than perfect.In 2016, Lafferty, who portrayed Nathan Scott, reunited with his former TV wife Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James) and their former TV son Jackson Brundage (Jamie Scott) at the Eyecon’s One Tree Hill convention held in Wilmington, Carolina.“They’re already starting to enter school, which is crazy to think of.

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Following their breakup in 2009, the ex-couple remained on a friendly term.

Actress Shantel Van Santen, who portrayed Quinn James in One Tree Hill, became the next love interest of James. Rumor has it that James was in a relationship with actress Eve Hewson at the same time when he was dating Van Santen. Later in 2010, James and Eve started making public appearances but the actual date when the relationship started and ended is still quite confusing as some sources claim that they broke up in 2012 and other say it was in 2015. The lady killer has chosen to keep his relationship status a secret following four public break-ups.

More speculation involved the possibility of a movie adaptation of the original series, but this sounds even more unlikely than a new series, as there has been so much negativity from the stars themselves that this has effectively debunked the concept of a movie.

i Tech Post perpetuated the story of a "One Tree Hill" comeback, likening it to the "Gilmore Girls," stating that "it is inevitable to think that "One Tree Hill" will follow soon." It seems the root of the rumor can be attributed to Sophia Bush, who played the role of Brooke Davis.

Fans may wish for a movie - but it was reported that Robert Buckey, who played Clay Evans in "One Tree Hill," said in an interview that the thought of a movie made him nervous.

He seemed to think it could end up as a bad rep bringer and not worth risking. It was horrible,'" Chase Adams, the character who in real life is Stephen Colletti also felt the series was better on Tv and the idea of a movie was not something he was hankering for, saying, "It (the series) was so terrific ...

The couple, who have several mutual friends, were spotted getting cozy on a dinner date at Milo & Olive in Santa Monica on Monday, May 9.

“They were sitting at the bar all cuddly,” an eyewitness says.

12 Years Later For Murray, it’s the perfect chance to reconnect with his former co-workers. “A lot of us have families now, so it’s always nice to share kid stories and goof around.” And the trip back to North Carolina doesn’t hurt, either. “I still have so many friends there, so I love going back. If I could get a beach house out there and just spend the rest of my days with my family on the beach, I’d be a happy man.” Murray envisions that his character would be just as much of a family man by now, and even spilled his thoughts on what Lucas would be up to today.

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