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Troutt is in Sapienza meeting Silvio Caruso, as a part of a tour of European power brokers and moneymen in anticipation of a 2024 Presidential Bid.

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An up-and-coming executive of Ether Biotech Corporation, Francesca has been assigned to watch over Silvio Caruso in order to make sure he finishes the biological weapon he's working on.

She's begun an affair with Caruso's golfing instructor and is deeply suspicious of his Casanova past.

Sean Rose is an Australian terrorist mastermind who is leading a multi-ethnic left-wing terrorist group in Colorado.

A former eco-terrorist and bomb-maker, he suffers severe OCD and bullies his subordinates.

A Moroccan Army General working with Strandberg and taking advantage of the public outrage over the latter's fraud and escape to incite civil unrest and institute martial law, with the end goal of launching a full scale Military Coup.

The lead singer of the rising indie rock band "The Class", currently recording their sophomore album in Bangkok.

An international antiquities trader who specialises in selling priceless art to finance terrorist organisations.

Moxon was involved in the sale of the Ivory White, a filigree egg looted during WW2.

A group of six mercenaries who committed several atrocities during The Yugoslav Wars while working for the CICADA PMC.


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