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Fashion website Cargo Collective has hit on an innovative method for Americans to make their feelings known about the TSA security checks - by emblazoning it on their underwear.

Passengers can buy boxer shorts, bras and pants suggesting airport staff brush up on the 4th Amendment before subjecting passengers to pat-downs and body scans.

John Pistole has said he understood public concerns about privacy in the wake of the TSA's tough new airline boarding security checks.

But he said that only a small portion of the 34 million people who have flown since the new procedures have taken effect have had the body patdowns. Secreary of State Hillary Clinton waded into the row earlier this week by saying she would avoid a TSA patdown if she could.

The site even offers children's polo shirts branded with the words 'READ THE 4TH AMENDMENT PERVERTS' for parents fearful of their child's privacy being breached. suggested passengers had chosen not to take part in the planned protests.

Protests - coupled with widespread snow and storms - could have led to major disruption for Thanksgiving passengers. The apparent calm at followed a plea from the head of the Transport Security Administration's (TSA) plea to passengers not to boycott airport body scans.

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