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He has starred in ABC’s series “Revenge” and played along side Kevin Costner in “Hatfields & Mc Coys.” The show was nominated for 16 Emmy nominations, 5 of which it won.

Michael Greco won the British Soap award for sexiest male in both 19 for his role as Beppe.

Since his policing days, Michael Greco has kept busy.

Since 1985, we have been following the lives of the residents of Walford on “East Enders.” As one of UK’s highest rated programs, audiences are captivated each week by the triumphs and turmoils of the characters.

Some left Albert Square for a bright future and others, unfortunately, saw their demise on the show, but where are your favorite past characters today?

He unknowingly agreed to raise Den’s baby and marred Michelle Fowler.

He left Walford after Michelle decided to abort his baby against his wishes.

Aidan Brosnan was the upcoming footballer in Walford.

Aidan, played by Sean Maguire falls for Mandy Salter, who becomes a bad influence on him.

Since leaving “East Enders” in 1988, Tom Watt has had a handful of roles in TV series and movies.


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