Validating registry security key quicktime

Bug 10245 | Fixed an issue where RSS and Cablecast bulletins with not content would be displayed in the active section of manage bulletins even though they were not active on the zone.

Bulletins with no content are now displayed in the Upcoming section of manage bulletins.

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Bug 10254 | Fixed an issue where Facebook page searches were incorrectly sorted by page category making it difficult to find the desired page in the search results.

Search results are now correctly sorted by relevance.

Bug 10282 | Interactive bulletins can now be uploaded using the Carousel user interface and will be hosted locally on the Carousel Server.

It is important to note that only static files including HTML, CSS, and images are supported.

Bug 10252 | Fixed an issue where the clone tool would incorrectly try to extract media to the same location multiple times causing an error when trying to import the channel.

The clone tool now correctly determines conflicts and extracts the media to the correct path.Now the user will be specifically alerted when there login is expired and will be given the option to navigate to the login page.Bug 10249 | Fixed an issue where Carousel would consider deleted bulletins when determining if a zone was in alert mode.Bug 10243 | Improved the experience when the browser session expires.Previously, a generic error message would be displayed to the user making it unclear what the problem was.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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